Making a Fall Favorite: Apple Cider

Written by: Amanda Csolak for Spice Station Silverlake It’s officially fall. The cooler temps are setting in, bonfires are being lit and those like me, who love fall, are eager…
Making a Fall Favorite: Apple Cider

Summertime Lemonade and Other Ades

Written for Spice Station Silver Lake by Amanda Csolak Today is June 21st, which means it’s Summer Solstice, and Summer is officially here. If you’re like me, you love summertime…
Summertime Lemonade and Other Ades

An Introduction to Masala Chai: India’s Spiced Tea

The spices utilized in Indian Masala Chai were historically employed in medicine, in line with the Hindu approach to balance utilizing diet, herbs, and yogic breathing. Eventually, chefs discovered that these same spices greatly enhanced both sweet and savory dishes.

An Introduction to Masala Chai: India's Spiced Tea

Ceylon Cinnamon – What You Should Know

Ceylon cinnamon, also referred to as true cinnamon, is obtained from the inner bark of the Cinnamomum Verum plant and has been a staple spice in Sri Lankan cuisine for millennia. Its subtle taste and scent, reminiscent of freshly-ground cinnamon, make it renowned as the finest variety of cinnamon worldwide. For those curious about Ceylon cinnamon and its benefits, read on!

10 Ceylon Cinnamon - What You Should Know

Cooling Herbs for Summertime

Cooling Herbs for Summertime When the weather is hot and humid during the summer months, you need something to cool you down since staying comfortable can be a considerable challenge.…
cooling herbs

Making your own Margarita Salt Rim

Making Margarita Salt Rims  The Classic Margarita If you are a fan of tequila, there is no more quintessential beverage than the Margarita. Making a Margarita is easy and uses…
margarita salt rim

Spice Up Your Smoothie

Spice up your Smoothie! Thanks to the pandemic, if such an event deserves praise at all, many people have been eating at home a lot more frequently than before. This…
spice up your smoothie

Time to Unwind With Tea

Time to unwind with some Tea After a stressful day, a calming tea can really help you unwind. Enjoying chamomile tea, or other calming tea after dinner can help you…
Unwind with tea

Saffron Extract Tips

Saffron Extract is an easy way to get the most out of this precious and expensive spice. Since it can take from 10-15 minutes for saffron threads to infuse into hot water, making an extract beforehand is both a time-saver and helps to distribute the flavor better.

Saffron Extract Tips

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