Effortless Holiday Baking Guide

Effortless Holiday Baking Guide Moving into the colder months means a bit more hibernation and more time to dedicate to baking and home cooked meals. With all the chaos of…
holiday baking

Friendsgiving Cooking Recipe Ideas

Friendsgiving Cooking Recipe Ideas ‘Tis the season for Fall festivities, feasts, and friendsgiving. Since the holidays are all about good company and good food, we thought we’d do the honors…

The Valuable Medicinal Effects of Clove

Clove is a unique and powerful spice in both flavor and medicinal effects. Some say it originates from Indonesia, although there are reports of its existence dating back to ancient…
Clove spice and oil

Spice Up Your Hot Chocolate

Spice Up Your Hot Chocolate During the colder months, hot chocolate becomes a standard drink in many households. It almost becomes a wintertime ritual on cold, blustery days. Whether it’s…
spice up your hot chocolate

Tourtière à la Spice Station

Tourtière is the classic holiday meat pie of Canada’s Québécois people. The festive pie has delicate, nuanced aromas of nutmeg, savory, cinnamon and cloves, reminiscent of the happy holidays.

Tourtière is the classic holiday meat pie

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